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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In at the deep end

Two whole weeks!
Two weeks to try something totally new
Far away in Gatlinburg

I was attracted to Betty Helen Longhi's work on her website and in particular her vessels for tears, the personal chrysalis and her zen garden sculptures

So the images above were inspiring enough to get me in the door to try my hand.

These are the forms we are aiming to make from flat sheet metal

Way out of my depth here. This is something totally new to me. 
All of these started life as single pieces of flat metal??? Really?

Still,  Betty Helen and her assistant Tina (left) are going to guide us through the process.

Lately I'm more used to metal clay than pounding with hammers so I'm a little daunted!

Still by the end of the second day, I managed to bash out a few shapes!

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  1. Must have been a great class!
    Besides anti-clastic raising what did you all do? Did you love it? I sometimes start my day with hammering something, mostly copper. I love the feeling of a hammer in my hands.